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If you’re looking for a comprehensive AI nude platform, is for you. There’s so much to do, from creating AI images to videos to undressing models and enhancing images.
This is the platform you come to when you want to generate regular and NSFW images, chat with AI girlfriends, and even generate AI anime!
In this article, we’ll discuss, its features, pros and cons, and membership plans. Let’s dive right in.


As an all-in-one platform, comes with a comprehensive set of tools that help you do so much on the website.
It’s safe to say it’s the hub for anything AI generation. Here are some of its best features:

You Can Create AI-generated images and Videos

Whether you want to create anime, abstract images, NFSW, or a LinkedIn photo, has you covered!
The best part about generating AI images and videos on this platform is that you can share them with a community.
If you like, you can make it public for others to see and get reactions regarding likes, comments, and shares.
Your creations may also appear on the website’s top page when you become a top creator!
Generating multiple AI images and videos is certainly a highlight that makes stand out. There are endless opportunities with the images you can create, including Hentai, cartoons, and GIFs.

Remove Clothes from Pictures

BasedLabs.AI comes with an image editing tool that helps you adjust clothing and accessories creatively in pictures. You can remove clothing or accessories however you want to personalize an image to your taste.
Once you upload an image, select the image-to-image option and give the AI a clear prompt on how you want the image to be.
Afterwards, the AI processes your image based on your prompt, and you can review and download it!

It Lets You Create Sexy AI Art Generations

Do you have a model with specific features in mind? The BasedLabs.AI sexy AI art generator tool can bring your fantasy to reality.
Just choose an image model from the menu, describe your desired model, and click “generate.”
Afterwards, it delivers the exact sexy AI model you’ve always wanted!

You Can Generate AI Art Creations

You are not limited to generating sexy models; you can create images of different types, including animals, landscapes, etc. You only need to visualize your desired image, type a description of what you’ve envisioned into the prompt area, and get ready to be wowed.
You’ll receive a unique piece of art to use for personal or commercial purposes afterwards.

It Allows You to Extend Images image extender tool lets you enlarge images to your desired preference. So, if you’ve got a photo to expand, simply create an image on the platform or upload a high-quality picture from your phone library.
Next, you can use the available features to extend it by choosing the desired dimension. Finally, press the “Magic Expand” button, and your enlarged image will be presented to you!

You Can Generate NSFW Images

There’s a tool specifically designed for you to generate NSFW content on BasedLab.AI. The best thing about this feature is that you can get super-specific and receive the exact image you want.
To do this, type your prompt in the box, giving specific details about how you want your NSFW model to look. Following this, you’ll receive an NSFW image that looks like you described!


You can access two pricing plans on BasedLabs.AI. Let’s check them out:
Standard plan: You’ll pay $19 monthly for this plan. It gives you access to all features and unlimited image generation.
Pro Plan: You’ll pay $49 monthly for this plan. It includes all the features from the standard plan. Some of the additional perks you’ll receive are priority support and exclusive access to new features and upgrades.
So, sign up on the platform and choose the most suitable option for you, depending on your budget and goals.

Pros and Cons

✔️ You can access a wide range of AI generation options, including LinkedIn photos, NSFW images, Sexy AI art, etc.
✔️ You can use the pictures you generate for personal and commercial purposes.
✔️ You’ll enjoy a seamless and intuitive interface for smooth navigation.
✔️ You’ll receive the highest quality images.
✔️ It gives you a comprehensive set of tools to generate various images and videos.
➖ Requires a monthly subscription to access various features.


BasedLabs.AI is the perfect platform for you if you want to bring their imaginations to life for personal or commercial purposes.
It offers various options for AI image generation, catering to your unique needs.
So, sign up on the platform today to enjoy the all-around AI generation features it offers!