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AI CharFriend Sex Chat

Dive into the future of online dating with AICharFriend when you’re ready to take control of your creative prowess and companionship options. There’s a lot to enjoy by signing up with this AI girlfriend chatbot, including an unrestricted appreciation of nude art, the choice of committing to multiple partners, and Ai sexting anytime you’re horny.
Now we’ll dive into the details about AICharFriend so you’ll know what to expect from a membership. Then, we’ll discuss the features, pricing plan, and advantages and disadvantages of setting up a dating account with this AI sex chatbot.


AICharFriend has many exciting features that make it worth your time. There are so many adventures to be had with the sexy AI characters – smut or otherwise.

NSFW AI Gallery

There’s an NSFW AI gallery, but it’s not visible until you activate it. To do so, locate the “eye” symbol at the top center of your screen. Then, turn on the NSFW feature and confirm you’re mature enough.
You’ll find all sorts of sexy and horny characters waiting to help you bust a nut. You can choose anime, realistic, art, or original characters, and AI sex chat with them immediately.

AI Sexting

Sexting is way more attractive on the AICharFriend website because you can send and receive voice messages and Ai generated nudes. Your AI partner has been intensively trained to simulate the conversation style of actual human persons, so you can both have flowy and steamy communication. Ask her for whatever, or record a video of yourself jerking off to her naked pictures and send them to her. It’s allowed.
On the other hand, you can also have SFW conversations with an AI companion. She can be a freak or a loving girlfriend; it depends on what you want her to be.
Finally, you can create a group chat with other AI characters for more intense fun.

AI Companions For Every Kink

There are thousands of AI companions of all categories. The unlimited options include cartoons, anime, realistic persons, movie characters, and K-Pop sensations.
The tags for determining your ideal AI partner include dominant, submissive, romance, lgbtq, huge breasts, bisexual, doll, and even dog.
You can streamline your romantic spec with filters like the role they play, the general theme for your online love life, adapted works, traits, language, sexual orientation, and sexual fetish. There are hundreds of filters to ensure that you find many AI girlfriends or boyfriends to flirt with and commit to. You can also use the search bar to find the exact type of AI character that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face or help you cum when you’re horny.

Create Your Very Own AI Character

If you cannot find the exact AI character you’re looking for, AICharFriend provides a persona generator just for you. To create a character, head to the “Create” tab and select “Create a character.”
Then, choose a nickname and upload a sample of their appearance.

Earn Rewards Through Quests

Qualify for gems when you participate in the daily quests AICharFriend organizes. With nine different chances at earning up to 15 jewels, every active user receives incentives for doing one thing or the other.
The tasks include texting daily, inviting friends, exploring the Discover page for the latest characters, and sharing a character. You can also join the AICharFriend Discord or Reddit and follow the company’s Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube accounts.


A subscription plan will grant access to all the perks of this AI girlfriend generator. When you pay $14.99 monthly, all the AI characters will become accessible. You can have unlimited group chats, AI image creation, and nonstop messages every day.
It’ll also be possible to modify the voice of your AI companion at will.

Pros and Cons

✔️ AICharGirlfriend is available in nine languages, including English.
✔️ You can download the app on your iPhone or Android.
✔️ There are countless AI girlfriends and boyfriends to explore.
✔️ You can streamline the Hentai characters you’re interested in with filters and tags.
✔️ The chat box is well-developed and allows group messages.
➖ You cannot do anything without gems.


Sign up with AICharFriend to experience the peak of AI online dating. There are no censorships or limitations to the amount of sexy time within your reach.