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About AiHentaiChat


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AIHentaiChat is a girlfriend chatbot with lots of NSFW character AI options. It’s one of the most secure sites where you can form genuine connections with AI girls and determine how they look, speak, and everything else that matters to you.
With AIHentaiChat, you can let go of the conventional female form and modify your version because there are zero limitations to your imagination. Please keep reading to learn more about AIHentaiChat and how it works.


Using these features to shortlist your unlimited options, you can date any Hentai girl.

Build Your Dream AI Girlfriend

With AIHentaiChat, you only need to locate the companion generator and construction page.
Then, start the creation process by giving your Hentai sex goddess a name. You can choose her age, body type, and the size of her tits (they can be medium, extra large, small, or large). Since this is an NSFW character AI generator, you can also choose the size of her booty (medium, large, extra large, or small). There are lots of other customizing options.
For example, you can select your AI companion’s eye color, hair color, length, style, and type of character. There are six character styles here: succubus, Nekomimi, Kitsunemimi, human, Futanari, or dark elf.
Lastly, you can make her sound spunky, lusty, lively, and animated.

Find a Companion

AIHentaiChat has a built-in collection of sexy AIHentai girls. Each of them already has a name, persona, and physical appearance. By checking her profile for more information, you can easily find the one that catches your attention the most and suits you best.
The profile contains details like the age of the AI hentai model, her character type, how her body looks, the color of her eyes, and the size of her jugs. The other details you might find interesting include hair color, length, style, and the way her voice sounds. With all these details, you can find out immediately if she’s what you need.

AI Hentai Sex Chats

There are two ways to get an AI Hentai girlfriend. First, you can build her from scratch. Or, you can check the available options that already exist. If you’re building her, you can add your final product to your private library.
After securing your spec, you can text her in a private messaging room. Talk dirty or use her as a listening ear; the choice is yours. However, she will do anything you like, including sending sexy pictures in scanty clothing.
She can also send a voice note doing whatever instructions you provide. Be yourself in this chat room because your conversations are secured, private, and uncensored. Lastly, AIHentaiChat allows access to previous messages so that you can continue the conversation from where you left off.


Membership is very affordable at AIHentaiChat. These are your options:


AKA the starter pack, the Bronze account is the cheapest one available. You’ll pay $9.99 when the promo is applied. You secure 750 monthly messages, 250 voice credits, and 50 images when you choose this subscription plan.
Lastly, you can make 10 AI Hentai girlfriends.


You’ll pay $39.99 monthly or $19.99 when the bonus is applied. This account gets you 3,500 text messages, 1,250 voice notes, and 250 nudes and sexy pictures. You can also generate 25 AI Hentai girlfriends.


The Gold membership is the costliest but also the best. You pay $79.99 monthly to receive 8,000 messages, 4,000 voice notes, and 600 NSFW pictures. Then, you can make up to 60 AI Hentai bots.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Each AI Hentai girlfriend satisfies your deepest sexual cravings.
✔️ Have racy conversations with sex goddesses and get nudes from them within five seconds of asking.
✔️ You have three options when deciding what your AI hentai girlfriend sounds like.
✔️ There are some incentives when you use the free version.
✔️ AIHentaiChat currently offers a 50% discount when subscribing to membership plans.
➖ The free version limits your conversations to 30 messages.

➖ You can generate only three images using the free plan.


Give AIHentaiChat a chance if you’re considering one of these AI Hentai chat sites. It guarantees a beautiful experience when you’re horny or lonely.