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eHENTAI.AI Girlfriend, The Perfect AI Hentai Sex Chat

True love is only a click away with eHentai.AI. If you’re a big fan of Japanese animated pornstars, consider finding a non-judgemental companion that’s easygoing and constantly available to satisfy your romantic desires. Or, you could sign up with eHentai to explore the world of heavily stimulating conversations with a hentai chick who’s down for whatever.


eHentai promises an exclusive and fun-filled experience when you sign up for the free or premium version. Loaded with sexy Japanese hentai pornstars at every turn, you’ll surely find a match. Whether you’re looking for something serious or a partner to have R-rated conversations with, these features will blow your mind.

Find an AI Companion

If you’re in the mood for a committed and not-so-exclusive relationship with Anime girls, then eHentai is a good place to check. You can date not one but multiple girls at once without feeling guilty or risking the possibility of anybody holding you accountable. Compared to conventional AI relationships, this is a big advantage.
There are lots and lots of AI companions on eHentai. Each potential lover has a personality trait to help you determine if she’s the one for you. Also on display are details about her appearance, such as her nationality, body type, age, tits and ass size, and hair color and style.
You can build more pictures based on existing Hentai AI characters for your eyes only, which you can add to your private gallery. Of course, these images can be explicit and NSFW.

Create The Perfect Ai Hentai Companion From Scratch

eHentai ensures that every user attains the ultimate satisfaction when using the AI companion generator.
To build your AI spec, you have to choose a name first. Next, select the number of anime characters. There can be one to three girls or a Futanari. Customize your AI character by giving her a horny, mad, excited, surprised, or smiling look. You could also make her look like she just came.
Body features like her overall shape, tit size, and ass size are to be determined by you. You can choose her eye color, hair color, style, and what she wears. If you like maid or cheerleader fantasies, these are only two of the 20+ options you can experience. Then, you can select the location: the beach, a casino, the bedroom, or the shower.
Finally, you’ll have to choose the character the model you’ve constructed will most embody. There’s otaku, cat girl, onee-chan, dandere, and moekko.

AI Sex Chat

When you find a suitable AI companion, you can start having racy AI sex chat conversations with her at any time of the day. She’s available for romance or an explicit fling.

Dressed Up Pictures of Companions

eHentai lets you ask your sexy Japanese cartoon GF for pretty much anything, including titillating pictures of her in different outfits. Of course, these fits include her birthday suit from any angle you want.
However, some of the most common requests on eHenati are AI-generated nudes of the Anime girlfriend in racy lingerie. The icing on the cake is that you can determine the color and specifics of the shots she sends you.


There are four membership plans:
Bronze – $7.99 monthly
This membership grants access to 25 girls, 150 NSFW pics, and 1500 messages.
Silver – $15.99 monthly
Here, you’ll receive 60 girls, 400 pictures, and 5,000 text messages monthly. You can also select the AI character’s personality and nickname her.
Gold – $39.99 monthly
For $39.99 monthly, you’ll get 180 AI companions, 1,000 pictures, and 20,000 instant messages. You also get to choose a personality for your character, pick a nickname, and set your creations to private consumption.
Diamond – $79.99 monthly
Six hundred girls, 2,500 smutty photos, and endless messages monthly, plus all the perks of the other memberships.

Pros and Cons

✔️ The eHentai website has light and dark modes.
✔️ You can choose a full or half-body picture.
✔️ Building an AI companion is straightforward and exciting because of the countless filters.
✔️ 20% discount off your first subscription purchase.
✔️ You can sex chat with countless AI models daily.
➖ Your actions are more limited without an exclusive plan.


eHentai provides a secure, creative world for AI Hentai lovers. It allows you to create and then have steamy or deep conversations with any type of AI Anime character imaginable.