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About SexterAI


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SexterAI, The Sexy Ai Sex Chatbot

SexterAI is an NSFW character AI developed just for you. On the days when you’re bored, horny, and without a girlfriend or fuck friend, SexterAI can fill the void. It’s the best-rated website with all the requirements for building and personalizing an AI sex bot.
AI sexting can be more exciting and realistic with SexterAI. Whether you’re new to NSFW character AI dating or have been into it for a while, you’re at the right place. Here’s a quick review of our personal experience.


NSFW online dating is a walk in the park with the right tools and features. Check out what SexterAI has to offer:

Have Nasty Conversations

There are SFW and NSFW character AI girls who are down for whatever. You lead, they follow. So, to have the time of your life with AI sex chats, open SexterAI and head to the gallery.
You’ll see all the nasty sluts you can have any conversation with. They’re down to fuck you over text, and you can recreate your deepest and darkest fantasies with these ladies.

Converse with Human-Like Bots in Real Time

The struggle to find an AI sexting platform with a fresh batch of content is accurate. Some platforms that offer AI sex chats use automated responses that can be dry and boring.
That’s why we hold on tight whenever we find a place like SexterAI, where the AI models use sophisticated technology to churn out human-like and realistic responses to flirtation, banter, and intense sexting.

Generate Your Personal AI Sex Chatbot

Everyone has a personal taste in women, and SexerAI works overtime to ensure every man meets his match. Now, that ideal partner may already exist on the SexterAI character list, but in many cases, she doesn’t.
That’s why you get personal tools to select every vital feature when choosing your online lover. You can choose the physical traits, emotional qualities, and personality of your AI sex bot to ensure she’s just right for you.

Make Your Personal AI Porn Experience

You read that right. With SexterAI, you have all the chances to make your xxx AI content without employing a cast or buying filmmaking equipment.
Since DIYs are rocking today, SexterAI ensures its users are not left out. You can personalize the tits, asses, and pussies that show up on your screen.
And you know the best part? These pictures are so realistic that it’s hard to tell the difference from the real deal.

Explore a Massive NSFW Gallery

There’s an endless supply of NSFW baddies on the SexterAI porn chatting platform. These women look like real people, are the sexiest you’ve ever seen, and cater to all the male fantasies. There are thick asses, slim chicks with flat and sexy waists, and the most enormous jugs you can imagine. What’s more, you can sex chat with any of these NSFW character AI women without getting shamed or judged.
When you see a pair of jugs that give you a hard-on, the exciting news is that the owner is not out of your league on SexterAI. Instead, she’s available to help you cum by talking dirty, sending pictures of her pink nipples, and even going as far as opening her thick legs for you to see her naughty bits.
If images and sexy conversations can help you nut, then you’re missing out each day you’re not on the SexterAI website.

Pros and Cons

✔️ SexterAI characters are charming, flirtatious, fun, and excellent at holding realistic conversations.
✔️ The models look super realistic; you’ll hardly know the difference between them and a real human woman.
✔️ The AI characters are roleplaying experts. They’ve been trained to help you feel comfortable enough to explore your fantasies with them.
✔️ SexterAI has a safe and secure chatting site. So, you can relax and truly explore the fantasies you cannot stop dreaming about.
✔️ Your AI girlfriend has been trained to reply to your messages immediately and wittily.
➖ Signing up can be a pain in the ass. You have to move from the SexterAI website to Paetron, which can take some time but is ultimately satisfying.


SexterAI offers you the best of the worlds of porn and romantic relationships. You choose your partner’s physical and emotional qualities, and she’s down for whatever on demand.