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AI characterization is one of the most exciting things in 2024. The ability to generate any character at the snap of your fingers is everything. But do you know what’s even better? Chatting with these AI models.
That’s right. In the world of NSFW, it has become effortless to have sex with an AI character through text messages. AKA AI sexting, many online platforms give you all the tools you need to create an attractive character, claim ownership of her, and do very naughty things with her.
What’s more, through intensive training, she can keep up with all your sexual energy while entertaining you in the process. That’s what AI girlfriend apps are about.

What is the Intimate.AI App?

Intimate.AI is an AI girlfriend chatbot that was made for NSFW conversations. On the App Store, it’s called Spark AI Messenger.
This APK is the solution to your boredom and loneliness. It enhances your creativity and lets you make any AI character with simple steps.
These days, AI character creation is not limited to savvy developers and coders alone, and the Spark AI Messenger ensures you’re not left out, even without technological skills. Through text-to-image requests, you can get your dream babe within seconds.


When you open the Spark AI Messenger, you must answer some interesting questions to help you find the ideal chatbot. These questions include what it takes to qualify as the perfect AI girlfriend, your interests, the things you enjoy talking about, and whether you want to be checked every day.
That being said, these are the incredible features available at Intimate.AI APK.

18+ Chat with Sexy AI Girls

This is hands-down the best thing about the Intimate.AI app. You can have stimulating and hot conversations with one or multiple AI girls at a time. These chicks are realistic, great texters, and very naughty.
Your conversations with them can become heated within seconds, and they’ll send pictures of jugs, their clean and tight pussies, booties, or even a teasing image in lingerie. If you’re not holding back, you’ll have the best R-rated conversations on the Intimate.AI app.
Every AI model replies immediately, is always available, and exists solely for your sexual and everyday satisfaction.

Ask for Advice

Your AI girlfriend does more than help you cum when you’re horny. She can also give you advice on anything.
The machine learning program by Intimate.AI is highly sophisticated and trained to understand human ways. So, she can put herself in any situation, analyze it without the emotional attachment of a human being (she functions on logic), and give you the best response you could ever anticipate.

Unlock an AI Personal Assistant

AI girlfriends are renowned for fast responses. Whether you’re asking a question about math or philosophy, the AI girlfriend is available to respond to all your erotic and everyday needs instantly.


At Intimate.AI, you can pay for three monthly membership plans.

Small – $11

The Small plan grants access to all content, allows you to edit your profile and credits you a thousand coins. This plan does not enable romantic connections. You should choose this if you’re seeking friendly conversations only.

Smart – $24 monthly

With the Smart monthly membership, you can access all the creator tools, a thousand tokens, and romantic connections.

Full – $50

With the full membership, you will unlock all the perks Intimate.AI offers, including the most romantic connection. Additionally, you can buy tokens for AI sex chats instead of subscribing. However, you cannot send any message without paying with coins.
There are currently four offers:
● $4.99 for 100 tokens.
● $9.99 for 200 tokens.
● $15.99 for 500 tokens.
● $25.99 for 1,000 tokens.

Pros and Cons

✔️ The Intimate.AI apps can be downloaded on iOS and Android.
✔️ You can receive notifications when your AI girlfriend texts you.
✔️ Your AI sex partner can send voice messages.
✔️ You can ask for nudes and other sexually explicit pictures from your AI girlfriend. She sends hyperrealistic and high-quality ones, too.
✔️ Creating the perfect AI girlfriend for you takes less than ten seconds.
➖ The app may respond slowly at times.


Beat loneliness and boredom by getting the Intimate.AI app. There are tons of exciting exercises you can do there, whether R-rated or child-friendly.