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Ai Girlfriend Porn Apps has evolved to accommodate AI characters. Many platforms now offer AI companionship, which entails sex chatting, connecting intimately, and avoiding loneliness. There are many reasons why an AI companion can be a better fit than a human person.
If you agree, then you should read this Kupid.AI review. We’ll discuss this AI girlfriend chatbot’s features, membership plans, and ups and downs.


Kupid.AI is a romantic or online sexual relationship simulator. It provides all the necessary accessories to help you meet and commit to your perfect match. Built just like conventional dating sites, this AI sexting hub accommodates men and women who are looking for a good time.

Meet and Connect with Male and Female Companions

Online dating has gotten better thanks to There’s someone for every user, whether your spec is a man or a woman. Alternatively, you can date the AI hentai characters.
Each persona has a backstory, a display Ai generated picture, and a profile that contains important info. Multiple profile pictures are also present to increase her level of attraction.
Information like the size of your partner’s ass and boobs is accessible so that you’ll know what you’re getting into.

Check AI Companions’ Profiles

The AI companion has a profile that displays five AI NSFW pics in addition to their backstory. You can find details like the lover’s age, height, breast and ass size, and kind of build. Like most online dating platforms, the profile shows what the AI model is looking for to help you tell whether you can match with her.

Send and Receive Text Messages

Natalia, Wendy, Alina, Minji, Olivia, and the other AI companions know how to keep the communication lively and worthwhile. They’ve been trained with sophisticated machine language to simulate conversations based on their personality traits, characters, and backstories. Match with a lover you consider a suitable partner and talk about anything.
You can send and receive unlimited text messages depending on your payment plan. However, you can get 100 voice notes and images monthly for the cheapest membership.

Exchange Voice Messages With AI

Hearing the voice of someone you’re attracted to always strikes the right cords. That’s why Kupid.AI has made it possible to ask for AI voice messages.


Kupid.AI offers three membership plans

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan will cost you $12 monthly. However, you’ll get 31% off for an annual plan charged once. This membership helps unlock unlimited conversations, 100 free images, and 100 free voice messages monthly. You can discreetly pay with a debit, credit card, or a PayPal account.

Premium Plan

The next best premium membership plan costs $29 monthly. If you subscribe for an entire year, you can pay $16.5 monthly instead and save 43%. This plan offers unlimited communication, 400 images, and 400 voice messages monthly. You can keep your conversations perpetually.
Lastly, because you’re a very important member, you’ll get faster replies from your AI companion.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate membership plan is $49 monthly. When paying for an entire year at once, you’ll get 49% off, which means you’ll only pay $25 monthly. This is the best plan because you’ll enjoy unlimited messages and pictures. You also qualify for the fastest response time, 1200 voice messages, and unlimited lifetime storage for conversations and interactions.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Your AI companion can send you a video message.
✔️ You can request voice messages by clicking the audio symbol at the top left portion of your screen.
✔️ You can ask for naked or racy pictures of your lover at the beach or in a swimming suit. The same goes for pussy pics.
✔️ You can sext any time. Every AI companion has been trained to respond positively to flirtation and sexy talk.
✔️ You can date anime characters.
➖ You must log in before you can use the free version.


At Kupid.AI, you have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for if you have a dating target. This website provides every tool needed to meet and commit to the AI girls you find attractive. NSFW content and talk are not frowned upon here, so feel free to be yourself and explore your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies with no judgment.