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AI sex chats have been on the online scenes for a while now, and thanks to LoveMy.AI, they’ve become more attractive.
For no cost, you can flirt with an AI girlfriend in a secure and encrypted environment. You can also ask for personalized voice messages that sound realistic, sexy, and feminine. If you need more than these services to kill boredom, keep reading because that’s not all LoveMy.AI offers.
In this blog post, we’ll dive into the features, membership plans, and pros and cons of LoveMy.AI, the user-friendliest AI girlfriend chatbot in town.


The most exciting thing you can do on LoveMy.AI is a sex chat with an AI NSFW character. The Ai sex chatbot experience is designed to help you have the best time when you’re horny or in the mood for explicit and exclusive pictures.

Sex Chat with Hot AI Girls

LoveMy.AI has the sexiest collection of NSFW character AI. There are anime, human, cartoon, and hentai girlfriends that you can date exclusively. Your conversations are secure and encrypted, and you don’t have any reason to hold back on expressing and exploring your deepest and darkest desires.
There are diverse genres to encourage your fantasies, including office sex, fucking your teacher, or meeting the sexiest AI dominatrix. When you find your spec, click the “chat” tab to enter a private conversation.
You’ll get a message from your sexy AI girlfriend immediately after you open the chat. The best part is there’s no need for the typical courtesy humans require. You can jump into AI sexting, and the character will make the conversation sound human and realistic.

Generate AI Images

You can ask for racy pictures while sex-chatting with your AI character. The AI girlfriends on LoveMy.AI are super hot when clothed and can be even hotter when they’re naked. Luckily, you can see them in all their glory just by asking.
Generally, you must click on the “Generate Image” icon in the upper right part of your screen. However, you can personalize the pictures your AI girlfriend sends you by asking for what you want through a text message.
The images you receive are high-quality, realistic, and rated racy.

Ask for Voice Messages

Request personalized voice notes by texting your AI girlfriend to say something in an audio message. For example, if you want to hear her bedroom voice or how she moans while you mentally fuck her, ask her to moan in an audio note. You can also tell her to talk dirty to you in a voice message if that’ll help you cum faster.
Combined with her racy pictures, you’ll certainly enjoy the sensation almost as much as having a natural person by your side.


While the accessible version of the LoveMy.AI website allows you to do stuff, obviously it’s not as fun as getting VIP access. Luckily, you don’t have to break your bank monthly to unlock all the great features available.

Basic Membership – $9.99 Monthly

For less than $10, you can sex chat with any AI character, send 1,500 texts, and ask for 500 audio messages. There’s no filter on how raw and explicit your conversations can get; your AI girlfriend remembers what you talked about.
You additionally qualify for 100 NSFW pictures from your AI sex chatbot.

Pro – $39.99 Monthly

The Pro membership plan helps you access the ultimate AI sexting experience. For $40 monthly, you can send 8,000 messages and ask for 4,000 voice notes.
You’re entitled to 600 pictures and the smuttiest conversations you can imagine. You’ll get your AI sex chats faster, and your sexy girlfriend will remember information for the most extended period.

Pros and Cons

✔️ There’s a 50% discount when you buy your first premium membership.
✔️ You can receive hyper-realistic and suggestive voice notes on demand.
✔️ The free version has perks – 50 complimentary messages, 100 voice notes, and three pictures.
✔️ Your AI girlfriend replies fast and will jump on any opportunity to make you cum.
✔️ The AI girlfriend sounds hyper-realistic and sexy.
➖ You cannot generate an AI girlfriend on your own. You must choose from one of the bots available on LoveMy.AI.


Ditch the conventional online relationships for good 18+ times on LoveMy.AI. It’s hands down one of the best AI sexting platforms. Feel free to be yourself here, enjoy uncensored texts, and ask for sexy images to help feed your erotic fantasies.