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NewFacePorn Review

NewFacePorn is an AI software that naturally affixes the face of any woman into an existing porn video. This DIY porn site provides BDSM videos, titfucking styles, cock massages, backdoor actions, blowjobs, vibrators, and monster dildo smut scenes that’ll give you the best solo sessions of your life.
If you’d like to see your hot neighbor or college professor in nothing but her birthday suit while she rides a sexy AI cock, then you need the membership right now. Keep reading to learn about the features, cost per video, and pros and cons of using this face-swapping AI porn tool.


NewFacePorn is predominantly a face-swap porn tool. This means it was designed to insert the face of the female you fantasize about into blank canvases of AI pornstars doing R-rated stuff.
In other words, it’s like a porn site that allows you to choose your pornstars. These are the features that are available here:

High-Quality Porn

Low-quality porn is a turn-off for so many reasons. It’s even worse than sitting through a cinema dub of a blockbuster movie.
NewFacePorn recognizes the scourge of 2K porn videos and guarantees that every single scene you customize comes out with the best visual effects available in 2024. Moreover, the visuals are so realistic that nobody will know AI porn tool merged a human face with that of an artificial intelligence model.

Build Your PornStar

With NewFacePorn, you can quickly build a personal pornstar within minutes. The best part is that you can feature A-list celebrities without contacting their agents or asking for permission. You can also use random people’s faces in your neighborhood or workplace.

Loads of KamaSutra-Worthy Acts and Poses

NewFacePorn provides an extensive list of AI models in Kamasutra-worthy positions and styles. There are blank faces of sexy girls giving handjobs, getting fucked in the ass hole, rubbing their clits, playing with monster dildos and vibrators, and riding dicks with such expertise.
There’s also a video of a girl massaging a massive cock with her huge tits.
The girls look like human pornstars, and you can insert countless faces into a single video.

A Personal Gallery

NewFacePorn gives every registered member a safe and private gallery. Every video you create appears in your library for you to revisit over and over until you get tired of wanking to it.
This is also where you’ll be notified of the success of your video manipulation. Note that a faceswap will not be successful where the face of the woman in the picture you upload isn’t directly facing the camera.
If the AI software fails, you get a free face swap as compensation.


Membership here is free. However, the price per video manipulation is $19.9.
Before AI websites like NewFacePorn emerged, you could easily be charged thousands of dollars to swap a face with an AI pornstar. That’s why ambitious porn lovers don’t mind paying less than 20 bucks to see their favorite sexual fantasies come alive.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Unless you spill the beans, nobody will know that the porn videos are AI-generated.
✔️ Every porn video has high-quality visuals.
✔️ There are different sex styles and poses that’ll make you horny and desperate for satisfaction.
✔️ You can make endless personal and instant porn from a single video.
➖ There’s no free trial. You must sign up and pay before swapping any face.


Swap faces and create personalized porn with NewFacePorn at the click of a button. This face swap porn tool will help you customize smut without breaking the bank.