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XNude Review

XNude is one of the best AI porn sites for Deep fake nudes. You can either remove anybody’s clothes within a few seconds or customize their naked body and faces to your taste. So, if you’ve been looking for a site that can nudify anybody, XNude is an excellent option—Are you wondering how it works and what the pricing plans are? This article dives into the details.


XNude has unique features that make it different from other sites. Once you land on the website, you’ll already know how smooth your experience will be. What kind of features can you expect? First, at the top of the page, you’ll find a screen-like section that directs you to upload a picture, which can be in .jpg, .png, or .hevc.
In the next section, you’ll see a membership category. Depending on your plan, you can choose a default or premium category. Although it’s restricted, the default plan helps you start quickly with the most basic features.
You can upload an image from your gallery, take pictures, or download a photo online to undress it. Next, select the gender of the person you want to undress. Once you upload the image, you can start drawing to map out the areas you want to undress.
XNude comes with highly customizable options to personalize images to your taste. For example, when uploading a photo of a female, you can choose if you want the generated AI version to wear a bra, lingerie tattoo, or bikini. For a male-generated image, select from the options that include a beard, tattoo, or underwear.
The XNude website is highly interactive. Besides being responsive, it provides helpful information that helps you navigate your way around. For instance, a “How to use undresser” section shows you the step-by-step process of undressing an image. There’s also an FAQ section that gives you answers about specific information.
Below are some of the features of XNude:

Upload and Undress Any Image

The primary function of XNude is to help you undress any image of your choice. Whether it’s male or female, you need to upload their pic, highlight where you want to be naked and generate an AI nude photo of it.

Customize Images to What You Like

You can take things a notch higher by personalizing a picture to your preference. Do you want the AI-generated version to wear lingerie, a bra, or have a beard? There are options for it. This helps you satisfy your kinks or create the exact experience you have in mind.

Enjoy A Beginner-friendly Website

You don’t need experience generating AI photos before using the site. It’s straightforward to use, with its features in the right places. When you land on the website, you can immediately generate AI nudes. You can also navigate the tags easily.
If confused, click the “How to use undresser” section to guide you. If you have other questions about the site’s features or membership perks, the FAQ section answers them and more. This ensures you’re never stuck because there are resources to help you every step of the way.


The pricing plan on XNude includes:
Free plan: You can sign up for free on the platform. The free plan offers basic features. But you can only generate three images.
Premium Plan: The premium tier comes with advanced image generation features. To unlock the premium plan, you must buy tokens. 125 tokens cost $4.99, 300 tokens cost $9.99, and $800 costs $24.99, etc.
You can pay for the tokens using your bank or crypto. The more tokens you buy, the more features you can unlock on the site.

Pros And Cons

✔️ The website is intuitive and user-friendly.
✔️ There are helpful resources to guide you in maximizing the site.
✔️ It offers customizable features to personalize your experience.
✔️ You can generate many AI deepfake nudes depending on your token.
✔️ Signing up is straightforward and free.
➖ The free plan is minimal.


XNude is best for those looking to enjoy a seamless experience while uploading, generating AI nudes, or customizing faces to their preference. It’s easy to navigate and offers support to help you troubleshoot any issue. Get started now by signing up for free.