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There’s nothing an otaku loves more than a Waifu. However, most of the Waifus we see are constructs (very creative) of other people’s imaginations. In other words, that Waifu you love so much is another man or group of men’s ideal female character.
Given the opportunity, every Anime lover would jump at the chance to make their waifu. Imagine the ability to build your perfect Japanese cartoon character from scratch. She’d be yours exclusively in every sense of it.
So, build a waifu within ten seconds, but make it R-rated. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, this review is for you. We recently discovered OnlyWaifus.AI, an AI hentai generator for sexy Japanese cartoon characters. Of course, we had to explore this website to see how great the experiences are, and we’ve concluded.

What is OnlyWaifus.AI?

OnlyWaifus.AI is a sophisticated software for making AI-generated Hentai.
AI technology is breaking records non-stop, especially for the porn industry. Before the advent of artificial intelligence, creating high-quality DIY explicit content without expensive gadgets and a good camera was impossible. Making waifus and the hottest anime girls was reserved for the movie directors in Japan and America.
But now, anybody with a mobile phone or browser can log into OnlyWaifus.AI and make their version of the sexiest Waifu.
AI-generated Hentai has become more accessible at home when you can access the right tools. Luckily for every Anime fan, OnlyWaifus.AI provides a comprehensive set of tools to create the ideal waifu without breaking the bank or looking for complicated gadgets.
So, what about technical skills like coding, drawing, sketching, or filmmaking? The answer is the same – you don’t need any of that. Your imagination is enough.


The OnlyWaifus.AI website has everything you need to make an NSFW AI art hentai from the beginning to the end. It offers customization tools for dictating all the physical characteristics your dream Waifu has, and you can make countless sexy Anime girls.

Custom-Made Waifu Crushes

We’ve all had a crush on a Waifu at some point. For example, Sakura was everyone’s favorite because of her massive jugs, extra sexy voice, and strength and wisdom. But of course, no one can pretend that her psychological traits made them fall in love. It was undoubtedly her giant squishy titties.
If you’ve seen Hentai featuring Sakura multiple times, welcome to the party.
The good news is that you can create your version of Sakura. You can make countless variations of Sakura, Hinata Hyuga, Ino Yamanaka, and Hanabi Hyuga with the OnlyWaifus.AI prompt tool.
The best part is that these characters can do anything as long as you indicate it in the prompt. So, if you want to see what your ideal Waifu will look like while sucking on a massive cock, then you need to be typing your instructions into the OnlyWaifus.AI prompt.
Make these Waifus from scratch and download your results in the highest quality.

Design NSFW AI Hentai

The custom tool is versatile and robust; your imagination is the only limitation. You can use it to make OW classic, artsy, and NextGen and NextGen Dark characters wearing the most revealing outfits or nothing.
To get precisely what you’re looking for, describe the NSFW character or image to the system as detailed as possible.


OnlyWaifus.AI offers two membership plans:
When you buy the Gold membership for $14 monthly, you unlock unlimited storage for your images, medium-quality results and downloads, and endless remixes.
With a Platinum subscription, for $23 Monthly, you qualify for unlimited image downloads, high-priority generations, high-quality images and downloads, and unlimited remixes. You’ll additionally access the expert mode and have zero restrictions when using the OnlyWaifus.AI website.

Pros and Cons

✔️ You can download 4K Waifu images.
✔️ OnlyWaifus.AI makes uncensored NSFW AI characters.
✔️ There’s a descriptive tool that makes it easy to generate any Waifu from scratch.
✔️ Membership at OnlyWaifus.AI is pocket-friendly.
✔️ There are different styles of Waifu characters; they are all super realistic and well-developed.
➖ You cannot do anything on OnlyWaifus.AI as a peeping Tom, but trust me: give it a chance.


Design your ideal waifu with OnlyWaifus.AI. This AI art hentai generator is exclusively reserved for creating dream NSFW, SFW waifus, and Anime characters with zero art skills or technical expertise.