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Asuna Yuuki, Mizuhara Chizuru, Nami, Saber, Midnight, Hatsune Miku, and many other Manga or Anime characters got some of us by the balls because of their striking appearance and sexy figures. If there’s one thing Japanese animation writers have in common apart from their banging storylines, it’s the ability to develop female characters that are the stuff of wet and wild dreams.
These sexy anime girls are also called Waifus. What’s not to love about them? But did you know that you don’t have to rely on Anime to find dreamy Japanese cartoon girls? You can now make them from the comfort of your bedroom with a simple mobile phone and internet access. It’s all thanks to the acclaimed AI Hentai generators, and that’s what this review is about.
Keep reading, and we’ll discuss the PornWaifu.AI art hentai maker, its membership plans, and its pros and cons.


With, you can do all sorts of Anime-related character generation. This website makes it easy and secure to make NSFW anime girls that are the stuff of your wildest dreams. You don’t have to fantasize about another person’s Waifu because you can make yours in less than 60 seconds.

Make NSFW Anime Pics

Sexually explicit anime pictures are now easy to make through text-to-image software. You can design any image that gives you an instant hard-on with the hentai generator. There are many tags to provide you with creative inspiration, and you can play around with them even if you don’t have a particular porn pic in mind.
Some muses you can develop include Seras Victoria, Freya Crescent, Shinano, Taihou, Alice, Roberta, Kida Nedakh, and Whisper the Wolf. You can choose one of these characters as your base for the NSFW AI art hentai.
There are additional character styles to make your image look like a goddess, MILF, lingerie model, celebrity, bodybuilder, or demon, to name a few.
As for the sex styles, you’ve got many to choose from. Your porn Waifu can be masturbating, orgasming while masturbating, playing with a dildo, or showing her panties. There are 20+ R-rated styles at your disposal.

Make Explicit Hentai Videos

If you love cranking off to Hentai videos, this update is for you. Instead of running off to PornHub in search of the perfect Anime sex scenes, you can make them yourself.
Hentai DIY is the rave now because PornWaifu.AI provides many interesting filters for making the exact stuff you’re attracted to. After seeing tons of Anime porn, we bet it’ll be easy to make sensual images just for you.
With tons of tags to customize the Waifu’s titillating actions, you can generate porn that’ll help you cum repeatedly.

Chat with AI Hentai Characters

PornWaifu.AI allows you to chat with AI hentai characters – you can have explicit conversations or send child-friendly text messages. With a free account, you can send and receive 15 text messages, while the membership plans remove the restrictions on texting.


The free version of PornWaifu.AI allows you to create five AI waifus. It also lets you check the NSFW gallery for a limited period. However, the membership plan, which costs $15 monthly, gives complete access to the feed.
When you subscribe, you’ll have endless image generation chances, zero watermarks, and access to editing. When you download your AI hentai, it’ll be in clear HD graphics, and you’ll have access to all the characters and weekly updates.
Finally, all the features and services available at PornWaifu.Ai are at your fingertips, including endlessly texting any AI character you’re sexually attracted to.

Pros and Cons

✔️ You can generate sexy AI Waifus at the click of a button.
✔️ You can build AI hentai porn videos.
✔️ You can chat for free when you create an account.
✔️ There are tons of explicit anime and hentai pics, and you can swipe right or left to change the pictures.
✔️ You can create a sexy succubus character with the PornWaifu.AI hentai generator.
➖ There’s no room for peeping Toms. You must create an account before you can generate any image with PornWaifu.


If you dig Waifu chicks, you need a account right away. This website gives you everything you need to make attractive AI-generated hentai without asking for much.