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About Privee.AI


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Privee.AI, The AI Sex Chatbot

Have you always fantasized about role-playing with different people in scenes only imaginable? How cool is it that you can turn that fantasy into a spicy reality? Privee.AI lets you bring your sexual imaginations to life, no matter what they are.
Whether it’s engaging in random, everyday conversations or stimulating sexting, the AI companions on Privee.AI have so much to offer.
Being on Privee.AI means you can satisfy your kinks without fearing being judged by anyone. With a strict privacy policy, you can be yourself and become immersed in a world you only live in—excited to learn more about Prevee AI features, pros and cons, and membership plans? Keep reading to find all the juicy details about this incredible platform.


Engage in Deep and Personalized Conversations

The conversations on Privee.AI have been designed to suit every user’s style and preference. The AI companions understand context and history, enabling you to engage them in insightful and meaningful chats. So, if you are bored and want a buddy to talk to, Privee.AI companions can substitute for engaging, real-life conversations.

Explore Exciting Role-playing Fantasies

If you’ve been restricted from trying your wildest role-playing fantasies in real life, Privee.AI provides limitless opportunities to do just that. It offers various scenarios to suit your wide and wild role-playing interests. You can create and direct conversations in any scenario of your choice. If you have any role-playing scenarios you’re yet to act on, get on Privee.AI to create the exact role-playing scene on your mind.

Build Emotional Connection

Even if AI models’ emotional connections are not genuine because they’re digital characters, they provide deep emotional support for users. Their simulated responses give a sense of connection you can hold on to when you are lonely. Plus, they’re always available so that you can chat with them anytime.

Improve Your Storytelling Skills

Privee.AI is great for creatives who want to widen their imaginations or bring them to life. You can create the most complex and intriguing characters and develop scenes like you’ve imagined. The platform allows you to create different stimulating dialogues, build exciting plots, and develop new ideas. So, as a storyteller or someone who generally loves stimulating their sexual imagination, Privee.AI is the right platform for you.


Privee.AI comes with different plans, including:

Free Plan

This is a great starting point to explore the features Privee.AI offers. For instance, you’ll have limited access to AI characters and basic conversation features. However, you’ll be limited in the number of characters you can access and how deep the conversations will go. So, this plan is perfect if you are new to the app and want to see if it will work for you.

Rookie Plan

The rookie plan is a step ahead of the free version, offering more comprehensive AI characters. You will also enjoy more in-depth interactions and role-playing scenarios. This is best for users who have tried the free plan and want more from the platform.

Top Player Plan

This plan is for players who want to immerse themselves in the experiences on the website. It offers nearly all the features on the platform, including more AI characters and higher interactive capabilities. This is the plan to go for if you want to maximize the app.


The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time, if you don’t know) plan provides a comprehensive experience on the platform. Some of its perks include unlimited access to AI characters and scenarios. You’ll also enjoy the most advanced features on the website.

Pros and Cons

✔️ A wide range of membership plans to choose from based on your budget
✔️ Enjoy conversations tailored to your unique interests
✔️ Improve your storytelling skills by creating and developing your desired AI characters
➖ It requires a learning curve


Privee.AI caters to various users’ interests, whether casual chats or immersive sexual experiences. From role-playing to storytelling and fostering deep, emotional connections, Prevee AI creates an environment for you to have the best possible interactions. Its multiple pricing plan allows you to explore the app based on your pace and budget. So, if you are new to the platform and wonder how it works, opt for the free plan to get started.