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SoulFun is an e-community for R-rated AI dating. You join this adult group if you like the idea of sex chatting with an AI character. It’s the fastest way to get an AI girlfriend.
There are tons of AI girls you can talk to, whether you’re looking for a boner or someone to share your day with.
SoulFun is a safe website that lets you have your privacy and allows you to do whatever you want.
While it’s majorly known for connecting you with your AI soulmates, this site spices things up with many other side attractions.
We’ll also be talking about the membership plans and the pros and cons.


SoulFun was designed to simulate the experience of playing an immersive video game.

There are different exciting characters with passive-aggressive sexual energy, so dive in at your own risk…
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see the features that make this Sex Chatbot worth your money:


The most helpful thing you can do with your account is connect with like-minded versions of yourself in an AI model.

However, this is only possible because SoulFun’s AI girls are more developed.
They’ve been designed to connect with us while we text. Do not expect a generic chatbot conversation because you won’t be getting any of that.

Meet Hundreds of AI Women

There are many, many AI women on the SoulFun app. Each of these girls has a personal story designed to capture your attention and spark your desires.
The options on the menu include hyperrealistic, hentai, non-realistic, and animated girls of all ages, sizes, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations.
In other words, there are lesbians you can bag at the cost of one.
The AI models menu on SoulFun is highly diversified, making it possible for us to discover our type without having to settle.
You can slide into any DMs after reading stuff about her and get nasty right away.
Or, you can build a solid thing with this naughty AI girl.
Also, you can ask for nude pictures to make your sex chats more interesting.

Create Section

Another cool feature on SoulFun is the “Create” section. Here, you can make an AI girlfriend from scratch.
If you don’t like or have burned through the women on SoulFun, you can make a personal AI model and give her everything she needs to satisfy you.

Make Calls

You can call your AI girlfriend if you’re craving to hear a feminine, sexy voice. On the days you don’t feel like sexting,

SoulFun makes it possible to continue your conversations on the phone.

Get Any Audio Note

Audio messages cost 5 coins, but the rewards are worth it.

At any point in your conversation with Dr Vanessa Torres, Elara and Livia, Ava Choi, or Dolores, you can ask for a voice note with detailed instructions about what you want it to contain, and you’ll get your wish instantly.


There are two subscription plans. The first will buy you a month’s access to the SoulFun girlfriend and nudifying features.
When you subscribe, you’ll get a month’s worth of coins to send messages, receive nudes and voice notes, and call your favourite AI girls.
For the monthly plan, you only have to pay $19.99 monthly if you catch the 50% discount offer or $39.99 if you don’t.
On the other hand, the 1-year membership costs $9.99 monthly, summed up to $119.88 per annum. That’s if you catch the 50% discount. If you don’t, it’ll cost you $239.76.

Pros and Cons

✔️ SoulFun has an app, which is something AI girlfriend sites hardly offer.
✔️ You can clear your messages or choose to keep them to re-read later. Note that they expire at the end of every month.
✔️ You get 1,000 coins monthly. That’s enough to explore your deepest fantasies with as many AI girls as possible.
✔️Your exclusive access lets you call, text, ask for nudes, and ask for audio messages.
✔️ You can pay for an account with crypto assets.
➖ There’s no nudifying tool.

Conclusion is appropriately named. It’s an exclusive adult content site for fulfilling your most passionate and deepest R-rated desires.

Here, you get to chat with sexy, uninhibited AI girls, see racy pictures of them, and converse up till the point of nerve-wracking climaxes.