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There are many variations of DIY porn makers. In some cases, you can build an AI character from scratch, while some websites help you swap faces in existing R-rated videos. is a leading example of the latter. It’s a simplified way of designing a pornstar based on the real-life figures you’re attracted to. Most people use their celebrity crushes as substitutes for naked AI models, and is one of the best deepfake porn sites for making this happen.


RefacePorn is a face swap porn software for replicating various AI sex stars in action. These are the features every registered member can enjoy:

Generate Personal Porn Videos

Personal AI-generated porn videos are taking the internet by storm for all the right reasons. They provide a private and customized experience that no typical xxx site has ever been able to offer.
On the RefacePorn website, you can create countless personal porn videos at the click of a button. The graphics are of HD quality, and every model looks like a human being.

Nude Canvases

Every porn video presents a nude canvas for your customization. The RefacePorn site has been designed so that every model has no face. Instead, there’s a white oval shape where the facial features should be.
Your role as a DIY porn maker is to upload a picture that the AI software will insert into the blank canvas. Each model has already been programmed to do sexual things, but you cannot activate her until you do the face swap.

Different Categories of Women + Various Sex Styles

RefacePorn provides an extensive collection of naked AI porn stars designed with the bodies and shapes most dudes fantasize about. While creating these canvases, the programmers uploaded thousands of nude videos to teach the AI software how to make human-like porn stars with hooker skills.
In other words, the AI girls have never had sex before, but they sure know how to fuck, arch, suck cocks, massage penises with their tits, and finger themselves. There’s even a video of a girl squirting after touching her naughty parts.
You can swap faces with 30+ videos. The RefacePorn collection features sexy, sultry, and provocative women.
There are backshot videos, strip teases, solo sessions with toys, girls fingering their pussies and buttholes, and the regular missionary sexy styles. You’ll also find videos of sexy AI girls playing with monster dildos, titfucking, giving heads, and getting penetrated the butthole.
Ultimately, there’s a healthy variety of sex styles and actions that you can use to create endless personalized porn videos.


Instead of the typical subscription most of us are accustomed to, you pay per video. Swapping faces on the RefacePorn site costs $23.
However, once you fund your account and swap a face, you become the exclusive owner of the pornstar you create. She’s added to your private library, and you can build a collection of sexy girls from a single canvas or all the canvases in the RefacePorn collection.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Every video is in 4K quality.
✔️ The results are hyperrealistic. It’s impossible to tell the difference between the real version and the AI replica.
✔️ There are many videos you can work with.
✔️ The porn clips are incredibly provocative and convincing.
➖ Each personalized porn video has its own cost.


The RefacePorn software is hands down one of the best face swap porn sites you’ll see around. It makes it easy to create countless deepfake videos of celebrities or random people doing all the R-rated things you fantasize about.