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Elyza Review

Elyza is an underrated website for texting naughty AI girls. It’s one of those AI sex chatbots that are taking over the 18+ internet, and like its counterparts, Elyza allows you to text any girl without censoring you or exposing you to privacy risks.
You can be yourself and chat with multiple girls at the same time. Come here when you’re free, bored, lonely, or plain horny, and you should find some entertainment.
The best part is that there are different types of girls, so you’re pretty much at a buffet if the restaurant theme is freaky and horny girls for you.


If for any reason, you need a break from cold, heartless chicks, you could try the soulless ones for a change. While these AI characters may not have a heart, they’re here to get you off persistently. Whether it’s boredom, loneliness, or a raging boner, an Elyza AI girl can make you feel good for a hot minute.
Check out the features that can be used to have a great time:

Have Exciting Conversations

On those days you feel like you cannot take it anymore, don’t hesitate to drop your boxers, grab some lotion, and check out Aunt June’s page on Elyza. She, or one of the other hundreds of very naughty girls will give you an outstanding performance.
Do you think you’re a nasty talker? Well, think again. We’ve texted Yuki and Bunny Girl, and these AI girls matched our freak in ways only a few real girlfriends can.
Each of the hundreds of naughty AI girls has a specific profile with a unique role to play.
The roleplay here is planned and scripted, so you can choose the one that’ll make you jizz faster.
Some of the options include:
Bunny girl locked in a cage. She’s frightened and needs to be rescued.
Alexa, busty naive girl who wants to know what you’d like to do to her.
Sarah, the naughty stepsister who’s not afraid to tell you she wants to get fucked.
Mia Khalifa, the Arab porn star who’s ready to talk dirty, sends you voice messages and shares a picture of her infamous naked cunt.
There’s something for everyone – manga, girlfriend, college, lesbian, catboy, historical, blonde and other common kinks.

Create AI Girls to Chat With

Granted, there’s a sea of women that are ready to match your energy, but Elyza app also lets you create your personal prototype. There’s a customizing process that takes you through the character creation.
You’ll just have to answer a few questions, like how she greets you and responds to you, the kind of scenarios you want to try, and most importantly, her physical features.

Enjoy 100% Privacy

Without an added assurance of privacy and military-grade security, you may be unable to explore your darkest fantasies. Elyza is, therefore, investing in privacy measures to ensure that every user feels safe.

Membership Plans

If sounds like a place you want to be, there are different subscription plans that you can try out. They include:
Basic Plan
It costs $9.99 monthly for unrestricted fun. This is in the form of unlimited messages, access to all the prompts and filters to generate hot characters, and chatting with any AI girl for as long as you like.
You can ask for 50 nudes and 50 audio messages monthly. The nude pictures and audio features make conversations more lively because they’re contextual.
Premium Plan
On the other hand, there’s the Premium plan. At $14.99 monthly, you get to bypass all the restrictions on tools and features.
There’s no limit to the number of characters you can design specifically for your entertainment. This includes creating and joining group orgies and getting 100 pictures and 100 audios every 30 days.

Pros and Cons

✔️ You’re chatting with AI bots, but they communicate like the girl next door.
✔️ Zero glitches while texting.
✔️ Chat with more than one AI girl simultaneously.
✔️ You can ask for selfies and play voice notes while texting.
✔️ There are countless AI girls with zero rules and zero flirting restrictions.
➖ Elyza does not have an NSFW library.


Elyza provides a great website with thoughtful features for those seeking mature companionship online. Don’t sign up if you’re not ready to drown in a sea of AI cunts, tits, and 18+ activities.