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Nectar.AI is an AI girlfriend chatbot for loners and users who spend many hours online. You get to meet and get personal with different girls without feeling guilty. In 2024, you should never have to think about how lonely you are because there’s always someone to talk to online. However, if you’re tired of the good old sites like Tinder and Match, you could branch into AI girlfriend sex chats. It’s a hot new topic in today’s internet landscape, and Nectar.AI is one of the hottest AI sexting platforms.


Nectar.AI is not just an online AI sex chat platform. It offers way more than that.

Generate AI Images and Videos

This feature helps you create erotic images and videos.
Tags, Prompts, and Icks: There are tags and prompts for making pictures and videos. When you use the prompt bar, you can specify what you want the AI model to look like.
Tags or filters can also help you find the perfect description of what you’re looking for. Since you’ll be building a character from start to finish, the categories you’ll choose from include the body, face, location, and outfits. Lastly, the Icks feature is a descriptive tool that tells the AI text-to-image generator what you don’t want to see in the generated porn results.

XXX Style

You can make your girls do whatever in your NSFW photo or video. These are called poses and actions, and Nectar.AI has 21 styles for you.
All rated 18, these actions account for most things we fantasize about. Here are a few of them:
● On all fours
● Sucking a cock
● Giving a handjob
● Kissing
● Futanari
● Backshots

Create a Girlfriend

Seeing as Nectar.AI is an AI sex chat site, you can either meet a girl that already exists or create her yourself. You enjoy the ultimate girlfriend experience because you decide what she looks like from start to finish.
To get started, choose the type of character you want – realistic or anime. Then, you’ll select an ethnicity, the color of her eyes and hair, and the hairstyle that appears on every woman you dream about fucking. There are many options to feed your fantasies.
Next, you’ll move on to the type of body she has. You can make her a perfect hourglass, curvy, slim, athletic, BBW, or petite figure.
Finally, choose an age and give her a name and personality, and that’s all. Your sexy creation will appear on your screen within 30 seconds, and you can save the image.
When you find the perfect girl, don’t hesitate to text her all day. You can send her pictures and ask for some in return.

Nectar.AI has three VIP plans.
Premium – $4.99
Go for this plan to be able to create 100 xxx pictures and videos daily. You’ll qualify for 45 customization tools, 6000 messages, and nonstop access to roleplay.
Pro – $6.99
With this membership, you can make any number of porn pictures and videos until the month ends. There are 95+ additional tags and filters and 9000 messages monthly. With this exclusive access, you can ask for 900 photos from your AI girlfriend.
Ultimate – $14.99
The ultimate membership affords you unlimited everything. There’s no cap on your messages and images. You can also access all the customization accessories plus any number of pictures you’re interested in generating.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Nectar.AI offers the ultimate trio for making the best AI xxx picture or video – the prompts, tags, and Negative Prompts (for what you don’t want to see)
✔️ Even with the free version, you can make Ai porn pictures or videos of explicit content.
✔️Hentai porn is easy to make here.
✔️Nectar.AI allows seven types of Ai porn pictures and videos – Hentai, Realistic, 2.5D, girlfriend, Asian, ultimate Hentai, and ultimate Realistic.
✔️You can make an AI girlfriend and AI sex chat with her for the rest of your life.
➖ The best features require VIP access.


Nectar.AI offers nonstop fun with adult content. It’s time to switch from watching the big xxx tubes and divert into personal content creation. What’s more, with this website, you get an AI companion for life, plus the ability to talk to her anytime you’re horny or need a virtual hug.