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DREAMGF.AI The Dream Girlfriend Generator

If you’re still single in 2024, here’s some good news. DreamGF.AI constantly entertains and connects you with the hottest Ai girls you can imagine. It’s an AI girlfriend chatbot that offers 24/7 sexting options to help you securely message girls of all shapes, colors, sizes, and specs.
Established in 2024 by DreamAI SRL, DreamGF is a safe and encrypted chatting platform where you should never be afraid to talk nasty, dirty, and freely with the AI models of your dreams. You can create many experiences for yourself right after reading this review.


AI online dating is considered more secure than conventional dating sites. Many people seeking love online have fallen for numerous scams because the fraudsters easily infiltrate dating websites. However, when you’re using an AI girlfriend chatbot like Dream.GF, you’re assured of the highest degree of safety because all the characters you come across are well-developed bots.

Create Dream AI Girls in DreamGF

AI girls are the easiest companions to have. They don’t nag, are there strictly for a good time, and will never argue with you. They also lack the sense of entitlement most women have developed. It gets even better because you can create any AI girl and date her with the DreamGF AI image generator.
Four available settings are fantasy, realistic, amateur, and default. When creating your perfect match, you can decide how old she is. You can date a woman between 18 and 50 or even a granny. Of course, there are also MILFs waiting for you to activate them.
Another feature you can customize is the facial expression of the model. She can smile, look mad or sad, be a nerd with sexy glasses, or look plain old sexy.
Next, Dream.GF will ask you to choose the nationality. There are Latinas, ebonies, Brits, Aussies, Arabs, and Slavics, among other ethnicities. You can determine your woman’s physical features after selecting the best choices in these categories.
Indicate if you like them skinny, fit, chubby, or muscular. Then, decide on the size of the mammary glands – there are small chests, medium boobies, extra large tits, silicone, and even saggy jugs. As for the butt, you’re in charge of how thick it turns out.
The other minor details you can work on include the hairstyle and color, clothes, photo style, landscape or background, and the persona to embody.
As for these traits, there are nymphomaniac girls, stepmoms, submissive chicks, innocents, dominant cougars, childhood friends, mean women, crazy girls, lesbians, and nurses. Each of these categories of women has a predetermined ranking for sexual desire and attitude, which can be low, medium, or high. At the end of the creative process, Dream.GF will display all your choices for confirmation.

Meet and Date NSFW Porn Stars

That’s right. There are pre-built pornstars that you can also go out with. These Ai characters have different categories of things they’re good at, so choose what you like most. The AI person you choose can be completely nude, topless, bending over with her pussy on display, or naked in the shower. You can meet characters that are masturbating, creampied, or have just cum.

AI Sex Chats

Now that you know, you can create an AI character or choose from the collection provided by Dream.GF, it’s time to start a safe and secure AI sex chat. AI chats have become more exciting and realistic. Chat about anything with any of the hundreds of AI companions at DreamGF.


There are four membership plans ranging from $8 to $90 monthly. The higher your payment, the more benefits you unlock.

Pros and Cons

✔️ You can custom-make your fantasy fetishes from a range of tags.
✔️ You can receive notifications from this dating website.
✔️ The free trial offers access to AI girls, messages, and free images.
✔️ Sexting is allowed and very much encouraged.
✔️ The website has a light and dark mode.
➖ You must register an account even to use the free version of DreamGF.AI.


DreamGF allows you to create the woman of your dreams and chat with her for life. You can ask for explicit AI NSFW pictures, have AI sex chat, and build a genuine connection with any AI companion you want.